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... follows broadcast technology since the mid 1980s.  A motion graphics designer and television technology specialist from the beginning of his career.


... numerous national and international awards for design, editing and promotion [Emmy, BDA, International BDA, Telly].


... developed branding for Discovery Channel, Sony Entertainment, Pepsi, NBC, Fox and now works for ABC Disney, OTV Group.


... technology evangelist, for Discrete Logic and Apple Pro Apps, beta tester, training and consulting for VFX and Post Production facilities nationally.


... from Ad Agency projects to webcast companies like CNet, the west coast is the hot spot for new possibilities in technology.


... now, building motion graphics automation for broadcast news at KGO-TV in San Francisco.


... follows the latest technology from VIzRT, Miranda and Ross.  

At Disney, known for automation innovation, fancies himself an "imagineer".



this page represents Rick Rubin MOGRAPH artist, a programmer... not a record producer.

Photo Credit:

Genius Photographer: Stefanie J Atkinson

& Inspiration

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