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Franchise Evolution

This is a collection of motion graphic projects that show the evolution of the KGO-TV brand.   At the Digital Transition in 2006 the station package was updated.  I composited the series tool kit; Lisa Phelan Art Directed.


The previous package was blue overall.  This package added warm tones while keeping small light effects present in the previous package.

The Assignment 7 in the blue tone reflects the next evolution in 2008.  Autodesk 3D Studio Max multiple lighting passes composited with Adobe AE provides a depth not present in the previous design.  This package had an anchor of blue concentric rings along with the Circle 7 Icon, the globe a pefect texture that eleavated the aesthetic.

KGO-TV 7 On Your Side

Here's a peak at the daily work at KGO.  Daily beacuse this element was created in a 4 hour period from start to finish.  Video of me shot at noon, quick execution, then ran in the 4PM.


A sweeps package by 7 On Your Side Producer Randall Yip.


EFX and motion graphics as well as the subject of this package... all me.


Several years after this was shot, I acutally had an identiy incident.

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