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Chalking an Idea

Notes in a Tech Artist's sketchbook:

I have proposed a creative project to a local support organization. A wonderful opportunity to record a moment in TNDC organization during the most turbulent of times in San Francisco. I think this is the right spot for a project like this. There’s a story to be told.

I've had and idea for a while now. I think resources for this easily attained. How can I make this idea work?

How could I build a story that reveals in time? Is it a story or a reflection? A good story has heart ... so, yes where can I find a collected passion? This is a great group activity. So expressive and magical, I am certain.


foreground elements work well

Cature every :05 sec played back at 15fps

Add second Camera

Find more chalk

Test Water Sprayer, add Starch

Get more help - Stefanie, Ruby and Olivia.

So hope I can work out an event with TNDC. Could be a great experience.



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