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Old CinemaScope Idea Reinvented for Viz RT Multiplay

Here at KGO-TV, we have a huge LED wall for video behind the news desk in our new studio. This is a new tool for us. We're continuing to develop new methods for the best display. Screen size has provided some challenges. Here is a cool trick for bridging aspect ratios.

Here is my version of CinemaScope for Viz. When you have a 32:9 wall and only 16:9 HD sources … blowing up 16:9 to fit generates scaling artifacts. Try this:

The source file is designed in 32:9. After Effects

At render, the file is scaled on the X Axis and squeezed into a 16:9 HD image. We then deploy with a digital player that can loop the rendered clip.

Output setup; by scaling the animated clip texture on the Y axis, the vertical pixel compression compensate for the width, stretch artifacts.

Viz RT details: These interface snaps below demonstrate the difference between the two settings inside the Viz Artist 3.8 Interface. Notice the Live texture is compressed on the Y Axis to force the entire clip onto the surface... an anamorphic adjustment, at output. In the anamorphic setup, the pixels squeezed in from the edges help mitigate any upscale artifacts.

For an HD source, the image is scaled up to fill the 32:9 display. Therefore, Live sources uses a center crop and tosses pixels at top and bottom.

Okay, this is not the Bausch & Lomb method exactly since no glass is involved. I know for sure this will not win an Oscar as they did in 1954. The inspiration did come from my theater Projectionist experience.

Viz RT MultiPlay has additional tools for adjusting the output targets. System scaling performance is quite acceptable. At the time I write this, the Engines are Z800s, about 4 years old with max memory and solid state drives. Well worth the silicon investment for optimal performance.

References: Film mechanics of CinemaScope,

What is CinemaScope

More Viz RT details and training available. I invite your contact.

UPDATE NOTE: I have been very impressed with the stability of the Viz Engine. We have had a 6 month between failure episodes. The systems run 24-7-365. I have two Engines configured to display 4 screens and 3 screen combinations each 16:9. Dependable is a gift. Multiplay has been exceptional.

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