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Google Earth Studio: the Newsroom's Time Machine

Google mapping tools have become a staple in news coverage for some time now. Producers need ways to display critical details on emergency coverage. I've build a training demo for newsroom staff to speed up the learning curve building live reference maps.

The tragic Oakland warehouse fire, the "Ghost Ship", had part of it's story told through history found in the Google Earth landsat imagery. Scrubbing through the years of aerial images, It was easy to see the clutter collect over time. This clutter hindered the Fire Department's ability to put at the fire out. Oakland officials were questioned regarding trash ordinance enforcement from these photos. Where was the code enforcement? Why did the Landlord not better manage the building?

During disaster events, understanding the terrain and how that challenges Firefighters in a wildfire helps tell the story.

Does this kind of map help tell the story? What do you think?

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