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4th Dimension Chalk Artistry - Lara Klinkhammer

NBA Finals for the third year! We promote and cheer with various projects around the station. Lara's talent for chalk drawing caught my eye when she started drawing on a black board here at the station. Lara has done a few drawings over the year, this is the first one I captured.

Two Clips here. The first is a compilation with all the cast of characters here at the station moving through the time-lapse image sequence. If you go frame by frame, you can see Larry Beil, Sports Director, offering Lara advice on Steph's face. You can see me check the battery and frame count every so often. This will become a part of a "Behind the Scenes" project I'm currently developing here at KGO.

The second clip display's Dan Kreiter and Katie Nestor's talent for embellishment. Great music choice too. So lucky to work with these very talented individuals. This is the clip sent to Facebook. KGO calls them snackables.

Lara amazes me... she does it all free hand. Another colleague in my department and I were discussing the process. He suggested using a projector to get the proportions correct. I said we didn't have the talent Lara does... she keeps the proportions eye to hand. This is a fascinating process and wonderful to capture the 4 dimension of Chalk.

Fully Compiled - look for the surprises.

Here is the snackable version.

Go Warriors!

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